Moerdijk: Smart Security Thwarts Criminals

Moerdijk: Smart Security Thwarts Criminals

If criminals cannot reach their targeted locations unnoticed, they are significantly hindered. Therefore, effective security reduces the opportunities for criminals.

Port of Moerdijk has been working for years on optimal safety and security measures in the port. With the help of cameras, sensors, and automatic license plate registration, all movements within the port are monitored. Consequently, Moerdijk is considered one of the most secure ports in the Netherlands.

This is partly thanks to the successful collaboration between the port authority and entrepreneurs in the Moerdijk Industrial Estate Security Foundation (SBIM). The SBIM manages the security of the port and industrial area through surveillance services, monitoring of access and escape routes, camera surveillance, emergency alarms, and prevention advice.

Learn more about the safety and security in the Port of Moerdijk on the website of the port authority: Safety and Security – Port of Moerdijk.