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What Good is €30,000 if Afterwards…?

What Good is €30,000 if Afterwards…?

In the seaports of Port of Moerdijk and North Sea Port, there is often a campaign centered around the question, “What good is €30,000 if afterwards…?” 

For a safe work environment, it is essential that every port worker knows that criminal activity occurs in the port and reports suspicious situations. Because €30,000 might seem attractive, but what if your family is threatened afterwards? The campaign aids in recognizing signs of criminal activity and outlines the serious consequences of saying ‘yes’ to such an amount.

Why is the campaign necessary?

Criminals exploit people doing their daily jobs in the port to smuggle drugs. They might look for someone to briefly lend an access card, move a container, or provide a location. It might seem harmless, but these small actions enable criminals to proceed with their plans. Employees in the seaports of West Brabant and Zeeland are also approached. Criminals sometimes offer a lot of money for assistance. Giving in to temptation is dangerous and not innocent. Once you say yes, you can never say no again.

Companies can download campaign messages at www.kiesvoorjeeigenveiligheid.nl/toolkit.